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My name is Nate Clay. I was inspired by the Encyclopedia Brown books and always had a desire to create my own mystery, detective series. Now I have my own publishing company and am willing to help other authors realize their dream of becoming published. I hope you enjoy not only my books but also the books of the authors who have joined me on my journey to give back to the world.

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by Author Amy J. Clay

My Memoir

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The Clay Kids Cake Caper

Author: Nate Clay

It’s Alexander’s birthday! The whole gang has stopped by to celebrate with him. They got him a detective kit for his birthday present, and oh was it is right on time. While he was opening presents, his birthday cake disappeared. Will Alexander be able to solve the mystery of his disappearing cake, or will his birthday be ruined?

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I LOVE My Pastor!

Author: Terri Etheridge

Are you trying to teach your child about what a pastor does? My son and I have had some very interesting conversations about this topic. This book is the product of those conversations. I hope it helps you explain what a pastor does, and helps your child understand.

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A Song of Worship

Author: Terri Etheridge

I love teaching children and I love to worship God. This book is meant to help children to worship in a fun interactive way. So, get up and get ready to give God some praise!

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The Sleepover

Author: Nate Clay

When Anthony and Ace decide to have a sleepover, Alayna isn't invited because she is a girl. The boys plan on giving Alayna a good scare, but that plan doesn't go the way they wanted it to.

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